Hi !! know more about me?

Hi, I am Sweta Pandey !! Thankyou for landing on this website.So if you are here you might be curious to know more about me right ?? well let’s start!!

I make content (that’s it ) -no yaar!! Well growing up I never thought I would have my own website or I would make content but here I am..lol!!Actually I love doing stuff with fashion, experimenting DIY’s , painting, gardening, photography, travelling , covers, makeup and blah blah.. more stuff yet to discover πŸ™‚ . So i created a Youtube Channel for this , for uploading videos thatΒ  how I experience these things. yeah!! isn’t it cool??

I remember from my childhood days I was much into art sort of things(mostly diy’s).I was having a different feeling towards photography, but now I have a dslr where I can experiment more, and day by day I am getting more addicted towards it!! Learning makeup was not that easy, I all learnt from again Youtube . I remember I was unable to draw a eyeliner, but now I think I am PRO at it( so it’s all about practice),even if you talk about painting or making home decors I went for my drawing class for a couple of days with my sister and brother when i was in 3 rd grdae. Growing up I have kinda taste in music as well!! I learn’t to play guitar, when i was in 12 th grdae . I also took clases for vocals during 2nd year of Engineering and boom I was good in studies too.

I forgot to mention, I am from JAMSHEDPUR!!

This was a little summary about myself , but if you wanna know futher let’s dive into it !!

1.Fashion: As time passes, everything changes so as to fashion. So here I will be posting about makeup, skincare, latest fashion trends (how to cope up with going on trends).

2.Β Photography
: Photo ka kya hai?? As time passes trend changes in the photo too, as of now the more trend is moving towards aesthetic and some types of grainy filter, will be exploring that part as well(bdw have some aesthetic feed on my instagram)

3. Travel: okay!! so let’s be honest.. This means traveling wala jo traveling hota hai, i never did that before my Munnar trip(made a separate post on Munnar too)so i will be sharing my travel journey as well.

4.Blogs: Bloging is a passion that I am still learning its all started because of my love of vlogging , lets see how it will phase out

5.Diy: DO IT YOURSELF , For my love of art and craft it come’s handy {Bob the builder kr ke dikhayenge}

βœΏπ‹π„π“’𝐒 𝐁𝐄 π…π‘πˆπ„ππƒπ’βœΏ

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