Hey!! so today I will be telling you a brief editing tutorial about how to make preset and specially my new favorite DAYDREAM PRESET.

First of all for those who don’t know what is Preset?

Presets are all changes in one filter that is available for you in one go. You just need to select the picture and apply the Preset,
else you don’t have to edit your picture personally.
LIGHTROOM is an application by Adobe that helps us to use differently preset in our picture.
It was first available for PC-windows, Mac. Later on (i.e)nowadays everyone is more into filters and presets,
and even there is a prime version also.
it makes your picture more meaningful as in adjusting lights and colors in your picture to create effective color grading in your picture.

So, in this blog, I will be telling you how to achieve this DayDream free preset step by step .
Or else you can go to the down step where you can download it directly from the link and make sure to read the steps carefully.


select your picture and let’s start.


change the settings as given below.

Exposure         0 EV

Contrast            -70

Highlights        -73

Shadows              77

Whites                -72

Blacks                100


change the setting as given below:

Temp                   43

Tint                     -38

Vibrance             62

Saturation        -21


change the mix as shown below:




change the effects as shown below:


And boom save the Preset and apply it in your different images, your DAYDREAM PRESET is ready to use!!.